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The highest quality hand-built golf clubs!  Classic Hickory Putters, Contemporary Putters, Wedges, Wedge Sets, Irons, Titanium Drivers, Complete Custom Fitted Sets . . . and more!

                                is a full service club fitting and club building shop. We are particularly dedicated to the feel and tradition of "old school" hickory-shafted putters. Nothing matches the buttery-smooth touch and feedback of a well-turned American Hickory shaft, paired with the best of today's modern putter designs.

These aren't just "old putters."                                 is about the marriage of modern technology with traditional materials. Most of our putters have the heavier swingweight of today's modern putters. To match that, the hickory shafts are lathed with less taper, and therefore less flex, to work in harmony with these putter heads.

And                                 isn't just about putters! I am a full-service custom club fitter and
clubmaker. From drivers and fairway woods, to sets of irons and custom wedges. And for these items, the latest technology is what it's about: titanium heads, graphite shafts, stepless steel shafts--all custom fit, and all spined and aligned before building. All of the items you see on this site have been custom built by me, unless it specifically says otherwise.
We are proud to have strong working relationships with these quality golf product manufacturers . . .
. . . and many more!

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